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What happens during an osteopathy appointment?

osteopathie-montrealOsteopathy appointments begin with a detailed health assessment. The osteopath will ask you about the reason for your visit, as well as your medical history, past injuries and surgeries, your level of stress and fatigue, your psychological state, your sports and activities, the ergonomics of your workplace, and so forth.

They will then proceed with a full physical osteopathic evaluation while you are standing, seated, and lying down. The osteopath will observe you in these various positions and do mobility, motility, and palpation tests to target the problem and obtain an osteopathic diagnosis. Osteopathic treatments then begin. These involve various manual techniques to identify and improve the mobility and vitality of problematic structures and tissues. Lastly, your osteopath will estimate how many treatments you will need.

An osteopathy appointment usually lasts about an hour. Most people experience relief after a treatment; however, pain can sometimes intensify for a short period and may take 24 to 48 hours to subside. You may discuss any effects of the treatments with your osteopath, who can give you targeted exercises.