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Kinesiology and personal training

kinesiologieA kinesiologist is a health professional who specializes in the science of human movement. They are experts at prescribing safe exercises in order to; optimize sports performance, improve physical conditioning and reduce the risk factors associated with a sedentary life style.

In a private session, your kinesiologist will assess the various components of physical fitness such as aerobic capacity and muscular strength. They are also very competent at evaluating the risk factors associated with cardio vascular diseases and evaluating habits of daily living, which are known to have an impact your global health.

Once your kinesiologist has established your objectives, has determined your muscular strengths and weaknesses and has reviewed and considered your injuries (recent and old), he/she will safely and effectively outline an extensive exercise program tailored to your personal needs. The follow up sessions will ensure that your exercises are being executed with impeccable technique. The kinesiologist will also adjust your exercise program according to your evolution and needs, as this will allow you to maintain a constant progression.